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Giving a voice to the Bride of the Messiah

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Below is a list of all available teachings in Netherlands. Once you have logged in you will have the unlimited access to our entire MP3 library in all languages. If these teachings are a blessing to you please consider to donate towards our ministry.

Aandbid Hem in Geest en in Waarheid
Die 10 verloren stammen van Israel
Die Bruid berei haarself voor
Die fondasie van ons Christenskap
Die rol van die man in die huis
Die rol van die vrou in die huis
Ek kom soos n dief in die nag
God has a plan and purpose for your life
Hearing the Voice of God
Hearing the voice of God
Rosh Chodesh
Live in creativity and not in productivity – Oosteinde
Living from His Presence
Living prophetic in the endtimes as the Bride of Messiah – Part 1- 4
Making your way prosper
Networking with one another
Nuwe wyn in nuwe sakke
Ons skeppings doel 1 & 2
Redemption – A location or a journey – Part 1 & 2
The Authority of the Bride
Our lives makes a sound
The Resurrection sound
Growing into maturity
The Testimony of Yeshua
The Awakening of the Bride
The concept of a hebrew community
The Enoch Bride
The heart of the fathers returned to the heart of the sons – Gent
The Hebrew movement a man made religion or a move of God – Katwijk
The implications of eating Kosher
The Menorah
The Process of Redemption
The Torah and the anointing
What is the significance of Shabbat – Gent
Where to we stand in time
Worship the Father in Spirit and in truth