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Giving a voice to the Bride of the Messiah

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Below is a list of all available teachings in German. Once you have logged in you will have the unlimited access to our entire MP3 library in all languages. If these teachings are a blessing to you please consider to donate towards our ministry.

A Biblical congregation – Roggwil
Anointed with fresh oil
Awakening of the Bride
Basel – Understanding the Scripturs from a Hebrew perspective
Being consecrated as a bride
Bete den Vater an in Geist und Wahrheit
Can we understand God
Can woman participate in the ministry
Creation awaits the revelation of the sons of God
Der Ehebund
Did Yeshua do away with the law
Die Braut des Messias
Die Macht des Dankens
Doctrine of the Baptism
Dusseldorf – The Kingdom of God yesterday, today and what God intended it to be
Ein erneuerter Sinn bringt Durchbruch
Ein siegreicher Durchbruch durch einen erneuerten Sinn
Ein siegreicher Durchbruch durch einen erneuerten Sinn
The importance of Shabbat
Eine Braut in Seinem Bild
Eine Braut in Seinen Bild
Wo starte ich um zu meinen hebraischen Wurzeln zuruckzukehren
Einführung in die Biblischen Feste, Teil 1-8
Einführung in die Biblischen Feste
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Einfuhrung in die hebraischen Wurzeln unseres Glaubens
End-Time Finances
Enlarging the place of your tent
Enlarging the place of your tent – Mannedorf
Enter His rest to complete your faith
Prinzip des Saens
Saat und Ernte
Beschutze dein Einkommen
Umgang mit Schulden
Prinzip geben Zehnter
Welteres Geben
Finanzielle Zunahme
Freedom Through truth 1 & 2
Freiburg – The conditions to inherit the promises of God
From Slavery to freedom
God's prophetic plan for man
God wants to restore us – Isaiah 61 – Fluelen
How can I breakthrough into a practical life of living faith – Augsburg
How does the bride prepare herself for the collapse of the world system
How to live from a Hebrew Mindset – Lauf
How to support one another practically by living by faith – Dusseldorf
Israel in the end times – Zurich
Leben in der Endzeit
Living from His presence
Living Prophetically in the End times
Life in the New testament body of Messiah
Living Prophetically in the end times
Living Yeshua as a reality in my community
Mannedorf – Desire the Word of God
Our inheritance in the Messiah – Augsburg
Prophetic application of the Hebrew Language – Tiaan
Prophetic blessing and release – Gerrit & Tiaan
Prophetic end-time evangelism
Prophetisch – Lob/Anbetung/Kampfführung
Prophetic Worship Intercession and Spiritual Warfare
The Prophetic Purpose of Switzerland in the End-Times
Fulfilling the Prophetic Purpose of God for your Life
How to Live in the Miraculous
How Do I Live From the Presence of God
Releasing Miracles in your community
Return to the original intention that God had
Seelisberg 2012
Summercamp 2012
Summercamp 2013
Switzerland – Thy Kingdom Come
Der Zweck und die Vision der Schweiz in der End Times
Thy Kingdom Come
That which determines our lifestyle of the convictions in our hearts – Augsburg
The anointing that destroys the yoke
The Bible in a Hebrew perspective
The Bride in Action
Passive or Active Faith
Valley of dry bones
Is it time
The Lost Tribes of Israel
Kings and Priests
Grow into His image
The conflict in Israel and how it affects us – Zurich
The culture in which the Scripture was written
The faith of one person can change the fate of one nation – Augsburg
The heart of the fathers returning to the hearts of the children
The Hebrew roots movement in perspective – Memingen
The Messiah revealed in the Tabernacle
The mystery of God's presence revealed
The resources of God's word for our lives – Augsburg
Three facets that determine your convictions – Augsburg
Torah written on my heart
Uberlingen – The lost tribes of Israel
Uberlingen – The perspective of the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith
Uberlingen – The restoration of The bride and The festivals
Understanding the time we live in
We have an inheritance in the Messiah – Winterthur
What is the real significance of Shabbat?
Who is shepherding you in your house – Flieden?
Wiederherstellung des Tempels
Zentrale Idee des Tempels
Offenbarung bringt Gottes Gegenwart
Tempel der Nationen
Fuenf Facetten des Lebens im Glauben
Fuenf Facetten des Lebens im Glauben – 2
Juengerschaft ist der Schluessel zu ausgewogenem Leben
Winterthur – The seven epistles of revelation in a Hebrew perspective
Worship the Father in Spirit and truth
Your faith is not built up by steps it is a relationship – Dusseldorf
Zurich – Hearing the voice of God
Zurich – The restoration of the tabernacle of David
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